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The Shades of Grey in Flooring

The Shades of Grey in Flooring - Smith Bros Floors - Grey Hardwood Benefits Calgary

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably consumed thinking about what you’ll do to show your undying love for your spouse or partner. While it’s always important to maintain the flow of love in your relationship, we think it’s also important Read More

Difference in Quality of Hardwood Flooring

Difference in Quality of Hardwood Flooring - Smith Bros Floors - Hardwood Flooring Calgary

While most people might believe that the difference in quality of varying types of hardwood is quite minimal, this is certainly not true. Different woods vary greatly in quality, and even the same wood from different sources can be quite Read More

Winter Renovation Ideas: Refresh your Floors

Winter Renovation Ideas: Refresh your Floors - Smith Bros Floors - Hardwood Floors Calgary

As the weather stays cold throughout the rest of the winter season, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself spending more time indoors. While this can present great opportunities to spend quality family time or entertain friends, winter can also be a great Read More

Installing Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors

Installing Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors- Smith Bros Floors - Hardwood Floors Calgary

If you’ve been considering installing new hardwood floors in your home, it’s important that you take a look at all the options available to you. What is right for your home, and what you like, will undoubtedly be different for Read More

Tips for Refinishing Your Floors


Are your hardwood floors looking a bit worn? Are they in need of sanding or refinishing to bring the shine and life back out? Floor sanding and refinishing can be extremely time-intensive, unforgiving work. If you’re trying to do it Read More

Secrets of Excellent Hardwood Floor Care

If you’ve been a long-time hardwood floor owner, you might think you’ve got the maintenance of your floors well under control. If you’ve just had new hardwood floors installed, you might be desperately seeking advice on how to best maintain Read More

What to Know Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor

As a homeowner looking to replace or upgrade your existing floors, there are many different factors you must consider. You must take heed of what will best fit with your existing furniture and home décor. The most basic choice you’ll Read More

Summer Threats to Your Hardwood Floors

Just like many of the living creatures on our planet, your hardwood floors will change in response to seasonal changes in heat and light from the sun. If you’re a hardwood floor owner, you should know that extreme changes to Read More

Tailgate Warranty of the “Man in the Van”


Spring is notoriously a time for home improvement projects. Your home might be in need of a deck renovation, kitchen remodel, or upholstery upgrade. You might also be taking on a much larger project and considering your options for replacing Read More

Flooring Stores: Full Service vs. Hardwood Only


Choosing your hardwood floors can be one of the most difficult aspects of completing a flooring renovation in your home. There are many different types of wood out there and, at times, it’s easy for the options to become overwhelming. Read More

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