Toryls is our leather supplier, with two leather flooring options, plank and tile for any style. Leather flooring was inspired by the quality of fine Italian leather. This particular type of flooring are made from 100% recycled leather and meet high environmental standards, perfected to last a life time. With purchase, a 35-year residential wear warranty leaving you with a peace of mind. Leather plank flooring will leave your space with a free-flowing elegant vibe. Each planks edge is beveled in a long manner, so that ever room can accentuate roominess and elegance.

You can expect the look of plank leather to be one of striking, sleep and expansive. Cork backing is added under the leather to add environmental cushioning and will improve the acoustics in your home eliminating the need for underlay. Tones of browns and blacks are available with this flooring type. Leather tiling is a simple, eye-catching way to express your style in any space. These bevel-edged tiles are created in an oversized format in geometric patterns to add a clean, yet rich and distinctive gaining of leather. The look of this flooring will be distinctive but natural leather grains will be very distinctive in the tiling. The feel of your space will be Rich and inviting. Like plank flooring, the tiling will have a cork backing as well, this environmental cushioning will replace an underlay and improve acoustics in your home.

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