We have two cork suppliers, TORYLS and EuroCork – both offering fantastic options for all cork flooring needs.Cork flooring has many benefits, it’s softness and comfort ability will draw you in, then it’s quietness and warmness will win you over. Cork flooring is very durable so it can handle all kinds of traffic that include children and pets, making it very popular for busy families. The texture of cork flooring is natural and comfortable due to being 50% air! It’s impact resistant and insulates against heat and cold. Some advantages include scuff/stain resistant, disguises dust, reduces noise and is a natural insulator. This flooring can be beneficial to people that suffer from allergies, as it’s hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Popular areas to put cork include entrances, hallways, kitchens, basements and family rooms.


With six different collections to choose from, you can design the space of your dreams. Florence Designer brings traditional style and elegance to your space. The extra long, wide and thick planks bring originality to your design and makes a statement. The look is described as trendsetting styles endorsed by designers and the feel brings richly textured warm and comfortable ambiance. Florence Designer brings a stunning and distinctive feel to your home. This collection has a balance between practicality and art – complementing the character and mood in any room. The look is described as richly textured and comfortably warm under the foot. While the feel beings distinctive design to create a sense of warmth and character to any space.

Florence Premier is described as traditionally elegant, suits any household that has a tighter budget. The look is distinctive cork with the type of texture that only cork provides, and feel brings warmth and comfort underfoot. Classic Elite brings exotic and striking design to any room, coming in rich and stylish colour palettes ranging from golden brown to deep tones like chocolate and ivory.  The look brings a classic square edge, bringing distinction to your planks creating a seamless looking floor. The feel is smooth and flowing, refined and sophisticated. TORYLS last collection, Classic Premier brings simple and natural feels to your space. Available with the same colour tones as Classic Elite, many options are available to suit your design preferences. The look brings expression to your space with the use of square edged planks – making natural flows and expansiveness. The feel is smooth, flowing and comfortable.


EuroCork has one collection available to suit all your design needs, creating a warm, quiet and relaxing ambiance to your space. This collection has a variety of colours that will compliment any design style. Not only does cork provide acoustal insulation, as mentioned above, but it also is resistant to moisture, damage and decay. Making it easy to clean and maintain for busy lives. This collection has very unique styles available, to fulfill the desires for those seeking simple as well as unique and sophisticated.

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