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At Smith Bros Floors, we are incredibly fortunate to maintain many high-quality partnerships with leaders in the construction and hardwood flooring industries. Our providers produce some of the most well regarded products throughout all of Calgary, not to mention the entire country of Canada, in some cases. As a Calgary hardwood flooring company, we are confident that our company’s values have helped us attract partners and suppliers that also embody the values of honesty and integrity that we hold so highly within our company. Our plethora of experience has helped us to refine the company’s that we enjoy working with to provide customers with the utmost in quality and customer service.

Our Amazing Partners

Our suppliers offer some of the most innovate and creative products that can be found on the market today. It is our goal, along with their help, to provide the products and services needed to meet the unique demands of our customers.

Here are a few of the partners that we work with closely, as well as a bit about each company:

• Antique Impressions

Antique Impressions offers handcrafted hardwood flooring solutions with a wide variety of wood types, colors, and specialty items, such as transitions, moldings, trims, vents, and mantles. Antique Impressions is a Canadian owned company that maintains a high level of commitment to environmental, as well as social, integrity. ”Live with Distinction” – When you choose Antique Impressions, you aren’t just selecting a new floor, you are selecting a whole new ambiance to your home. Rustic hardwoods are carefully selected for to transform and give your home distinctive character. Antique Impressions has three collections available: Antique Alder Hardwood, Castillo Plank Engineered Hardwood, Estate Plank Engineered Hardwood and Reclaimed Heart Pine Collection. Click here to view collections.

• Appalachian Hardwood

Appalachian Hardwood is a Canadian-based hardwood flooring company that produces some of the highest quality prefinished and engineered solid hardwood available on the market today. At Appalachian Hardwood, they have a large selection of sleek and durable hardwoods available in a wide array of colours and grades. One of the best parts, about this company is that all of their hardwood is milled either in the U.S. or Canada.

Appalachain Hardwood has two selections of wood, domestic species and exotic species. American Cheery (domestic) is very distinctive, with reddish and brown colouration that emerges when exposed to sunlight. Hard Maple (domestic) is a light and creamy in colour with a high hardness rating, making it ideal for long lasting beauty. Hickory (domestic) is a creamy white sapwood combined with brown and pinkish heartwood. Red Oak (domestic) is known for its distinctive grain and subtle colouring, that matures with age beautifully. Walnut (domestic) has light brown and purplish black heartwood tones, that are highlighted with lighter creamy streaks from sapwood. Yellow Birch (domestic) gives rooms vibrancy from its tight grain and cheerful light. Jabota (exotic) flaunts tones of vibrant orange and reddish brown, and is a popular choice for many interior designers.

• Du Chateau Hardwood

Du Chateau Vinyl Deluxe offers signature vinyl flooring featuring realistic textures, patterns, and colors. These vinyl options create the same feel as a traditional, natural hardwood, while maintaining a high degree of durability, as well as minimal effort required for maintenance. With products that are made from 50 percent recycled material and that remain 100 percent recyclable in themselves, Du Chateau certainly embodies a company with a high level of honesty and integrity.

• EuroCork Wall Coverings

EuroCork Wall Coverings are incredibly adaptable and capable of matching any modern design pallet. These cork squares come in a variety of grey, gold, and taupe tones, and are hand assembled into a visually appealing brick pattern. These coverings are exceptional when it comes to temperature insulation and they are often cheaper and easier to install than real brick would be. If you are looking for an affordable option that will give your home a distinct look and comfortable feel, you need a EuroCork Wall Covering!

In addition to wall coverings, two flooring collections are available: Eurocork & Vinyl Cork. Cork is a popular flooring material for many, and has been used for up to one hundred years. Some benefits of the flooring include thermal insulation, cushions the feet and is resistant to decay and moisture damage. This flooring is easy to maintain and clean and will last for years to come. VinylCork is very popular for commercial and residential applications. The softness of this unique product creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere. There are 12 attractive colours available, offering a resilient and easy to maintain flooring that is also water resistant.

Information on a few more of our amazing partners and suppliers can be found below:

Vintage Flooring
Wide Plank Hardwood

If you need hardwood flooring solutions in the Calgary area, our partnerships with these companies make us your one-stop-shop for all your hardwood flooring needs.

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