We have many options for hardwood flooring with our four different suppliers. Working with TORYLS, Vintage Flooring, Antique Impressions and Appalachian Flooring you will be impressed with the quality and flexibility of your flooring.


TORYLS offers three collections, Artisan – Premier, Summit – Designer, Elite, Premier and Everest – Designer, Elite, Premier.  The artisan collection is meant for a charming, vintage type of feel in your home. Hardwood is artistically distressed and hand crafted to bring warmth and charm to any room in your home. The summit collection will enchant and inspire your home decor. With many styles in this collection, you will feel enchanted when the flooring is installed. The everest collection is enduring and stylish for home decor. These styles will compliment any style whether its minimalist, sea-side or chic. With three different series’ to choose from, a range of domestic and exotic species will beautify your home.

Vintage Flooring

Vintage Flooring has four hardwood flooring collections available: Pioneered, Solid Sawn, Northern Solid Sawn and U-Loc. Pioneered has Red Oak, Hickory, Maple, Ash, Black Walnut, Muiractiara Tigerwood and Jabota available in varieties of colours and specs. Solid Sawn has Muiracatiara Tigerwood, Jabota, White Oak and Maple available in varieties of coulours and specs. Northern Solid Sawn has Etched Maple, Black Walnut, Maple, Red Oak, Wire Brushed Red Oak, White Oak and Wire Brushed White Oak available in varieties of colours and specs. U-Loc is Vintage Floorings final collection that contains Red Oak and Maple room settings in varieties of colours and specs.

Antique Impressions

This supplier has two fantastic collections available: Antique Alder Hardwood and Reclaimed Heart Pine Collection. Antique comes with 3/4″ Solid Alder, Chisel-Cut Alder and Belleville Plank. Each types comes in various colours as well as the Reclaimed Collection Heart Pine. These collections are statements of excellence and distinction in wide plank, quality hardwood. Carefully selected hardwood is hand crafted with rustic intergrown knots to last lifetimes.

Appalachian Flooring

Appalachian has three distinctive collections, all three showcase a unique method that transform hardwood into something special. Collection solid has both domestic and exotic species, and are most sought after for the durability and look of the flooring. There are also a variety of FSC certified products available. Collection Villa Europa showcases a unique finishing process, a number of stain coats and distressing of the wood ensures that no flooring can be matched. This gives your flooring an individual uniqueness that people will fall in love with. Collection Era Design sweeps people away the moment they step foot on the floor through an innovative oil process. This process protects and preserves the appearance of rich wood, without obscuring it beneath an artificial layer.

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