Why Our 100 Years of Experience in the Hardwood Floor Industry is Good For Our Customers

100 years

When choosing a company to help you with your hardwood floor renovation project, there are multiple things that you should consider. Not all companies are created equal, and it’s important for you to know what you’re getting into when choosing one company over another.

Here are a few questions to ask when selecting a carpet or flooring contractor:

Is The Contractor Licensed?

It should go without saying that you should not hire a contractor that isn’t licensed. When selecting a contractor, you need choose one that knows what he or she is doing. Licensed contractors can prove their reputation based on past experience and knowledge.

When selecting a hardwood flooring contractor, you should make sure to find someone that is well established in their field, and has a license to back up what they’re telling you. Doing this at the outset will help you avoid certain headaches later on in the process.

How Fast Can The Job Be Completed?

Once you decide on a reputable contractor, you need to start talking timeline for the project. You certainly have things that prevent the process from happening at certain times and your contractor will most likely also have a busy schedule.

All reputable flooring contractors should have an experienced crew that knows how to schedule and complete all jobs in a timely fashion. When it comes to choosing a contractor, commitment to a timeline that works for both parties is essential to getting the most for your money.

What’s The Insurance Situation?

When selecting a flooring contractor, you should make sure to invest your money with a company that stands behind its product with an ironclad insurance policy. Accidents happen and you should make sure that you’re covered if, and when, one does occur.

You should also be thinking about being insured against damages if a worker is injured in your home. Any carpet or flooring contractor you think about hiring should have all of the proper insurances, including workers compensation, liability, and auto insurance. It’s never a bad idea to get a copy of the insurance policy before committing to a contractor.

Does The Contractor Have a Proven Track Record?

As a homeowner, you want to put your trust in a company that has an established reputation for doing quality work in a timely fashion. Experience is a very valuable factor when it comes to a company that has a proven and documented track record of excellence.

Don’t be afraid to ask all potential contractors for references, and don’t forget to actually follow-up with those references. Talking to past clients is the quickest and easiest way to get an idea of what kind of work a contractor does. Make sure you gather information about all facets of the company, including installation crews, salespeople, and office staff.

At Smith Bros Flooring, we have over 100 years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry. This experience is extremely beneficial to our clients because they know they can trust the work we do and they trust that we stand by all of our products and services, in the event that an accident did occur.




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