What Calgary Homeowners Risk with Cash Deals for Hardwood Refinishing

Recently two home owners came to us to ask our advice on how to repair the hardwood floor in their Calgary home. They had had their hardwood floor refinished (not resanded) to repair some minor scratches and general wear in the polyurethane. Recoating a floor can be a very tricky thing as you never really know what’s been put on the hardwood as far as cleaners and spills. These “contaminates” can cause bonding issues which ultimately will cause the recoat to fail. The home owner’s had gone direct to a hardwood flooring refinishing contractor who had given them a great price, but unfortunately couldn’t be found when his work failed months later. Now instead of a recoat the only way to repair this pealing top coat is to resand the hardwood flooring. Hardwood floor resurfacing is a very specialized trade requiring extensive training and expensive tools. Do not trust your floor to any old tradesperson who says they can do it. Your hardwood floor is the focal piece of your home, don’t risk ruining it!







Your risk as a home owner by using a cash only trade.

1. You have no protection against bad workmanship. Because the illegitimate contractor doesn’t leave a paper trail, there is no written contract and so no warranty on work.
2. Without a contract, you as the homeowner assumes all liability for injuries and damage. If a worker – or the neighbour’s kid- is injured on site, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility. If the house burns down during the renovation, it’s the homeowner’s entire liability, on their insurance.
3. Registering all building permits and inspections becomes the homeowner’s responsibility.
4. If the home renovation isn’t registered, it isn’t going to be inspected, which could affect the quality.
5. If the business isn’t registered and licensed you have no way of telling if their work is any good.

Be smart, you are putting substantial time, effort and money into your renovation. Make sure you are hiring a tested, trusted and ethical company!!

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